Good evening peeps.

I am just letting you know that I have not forgot about you guys. In fact I am working on making everything EVEN better. But I do deserve to give you all a short update on the end of 2017 and what is to come.

The last you’ve heard from me is I just came out of surgery number 2.

Right now I am waiting on an upper-body MRI. More precisely my upper-spine.

My lower-spine is okay. I just got my fourth injection procedure that is working pretty well (despite some complications).

In the upcoming weeks you will read some more topics of;

  • Spine Injection complications.
  • Bruised ribs.
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • New finding (on spine).
  • Traveling with Chronic Illness’s

And So much more.

While I sucked the first week. I am aiming to update a minimum of twice a week. Even if it is short posts.

Please let me know any suggestions on topics you want me to cover.

See you soon.

  • D šŸ™‚



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