Eating Disorders

I have been suffering from an eating disorder for about 9 years. It started off when I was fourteen years old, I have no idea what triggered it but at one point I stopped eating most meals and only one per day. 

I ended up in the hospital suffering from blocked intestines. After two months of pills and lots of water later I was feeling better…but this was the start of my troubles.

Over the years I would try ‘diets’ and restrict myself, then take an entire weekend to binge…Some weekends would be 3000 calories while other weekends would be even more. For the longest time I have been suffering from it but I always thought the lifestyle was normal. Wasn’t until about three years ago when someone noticed the symptoms and realized how much I had been suffering.

Right now I still suffer, and I am trying to get better…but it is a LONG process. I suffer from a binge eating disorder. I have been healthier and learning how to control it. The past year has been getting better with the help of my nutritionist.

Types of eating Disorder:

Anorexia Nervosa: (two types= Binging/purging…or restriction)

–Low food intake, low in weight.
–Intense fear of gaining weight. –Does anything NOT to gain weight.
–Low self-esteem
–Usually does not eat around people, if they do it is something light (salad, soup) **Warning sign**

Bulimia Nervosa:

–Self-Esteem overly related to the body.
–Big amounts of food consumed at once, then finds a way to eliminate what was eaten (throwing up…laxatives)
–Anything to prevent weight gain.
–Noticeable when eating with a person and they constantly leave after meals to use the bathroom. **Warning sign**

Binge Eating Disorder:

–Frequent episodes of over-eating (usually a day/few days) of 4000+ calories at a time.
–Don’t have any control over actions.
–Prefer to do it alone.
-Feeling of shame/guilt.

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