Excessive Bloating

  This is a super short post. But it is just a bit of ranting and confusion.  I have no idea what is going on lately. However, I am getting excessive bloating in my stomach. It is making me look several months pregnant and basically it is air and nothing more. I used to get…

Blindsided by a Nagging Injury

Why yes, it has been forever since I have updated. Basically since the site showed my last school assignment. While I hope you all can forgive me, I still feel like I have to give an explanation about my whereabouts. While, I am not comfortable and/or ready to get into the details about this injury….

12 Things about living through Chronic Illnesses

My last blog post was about, “10 things nobody tells you about Endometriosis.” I decided that this blog post will be a bit similar. In result, I will give 12 things that I want others to know about how I live through Chronic Illnesses. I am hoping this will be informative for those who don’t…

10 things nobody tells you about Endometriosis

March is the awareness month for Endometriosis. In the past, I have told my story on Endometriosis and the surgeries I’ve had because of the disease, I decided to take a new direction in hopes to continue raising awareness.

Laparoscopy # 2 Confirmation- why number 1 failed

Today I got the prescription to have my second laparoscopy. I already signed the papers and it will be held at a different hospital then the last time with a new surgeon. No matter how hard it was to convince the doctor, I finally managed too. However, I know there is a reason behind why…