Excessive Bloating


IMG_2252.jpgThis is a super short post. But it is just a bit of ranting and confusion. 

I have no idea what is going on lately. However, I am getting excessive bloating in my stomach. It is making me look several months pregnant and basically it is air and nothing more.

I used to get the bloating before my second Endo Surgery and then it disappeared.

Lately the past two months the bloating is getting worse. Even when I get my period is dies down a bit but it is still there.

My breasts are also double the size as they normally were.

(No I am not pregnant).

But I am just wondering what else it could be from.

Could it be the Endo? Or something else?

Because of the bloating and it being uncomfortable, I have been suffering from painsomnia and insomnia.

What else could I look into that might explain the bloating?



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