Injection Procedure #9

About two weeks ago, I underwent Injection Procedure #9. And honestly it was not the worst thing ever.

Small Update

So I am still alive. It has been a crazy few weeks. My computer has decided to malfunction. It still is, at least I can use all the keys. At the same time my phone decided it had enough so I had to go out and buy a phone. I got an Iphone XS Max….

Daily Thoughts

07/10/2019 **SMALL UPDATE** So these past few days it feels like my legs aren’t connected to my body. They become numb and it is like I cannot feel them. It hurts through my ankles and all the way up to my legs. I tried to skate today and after halfway through the first lesson my…

National Injury Prevention Day

07/05/2019 Injuries are a part of life. Whether it is a kid falling and scraping their knee. To someone getting punched in the face and suffering from a broken nose. A sports Injury… There are many types of injuries. Some are long-term and others are short-term. Injuries have always interested me. And I loved studying…

Previous Injuries

07/04/2019 With National Injury Prevention Day coming up really soon (July 5th 2019) I thought I would go through some injuries I have suffered over the past few years. As you all know through my recent posts on concussions and head trauma. There is a fair share of head/brain injuries I have gone through. So if…