School Debate



I have been debating on whether or not I should drop my summer class.

It is Tuesday and Thursdays from around 5-9.

Now there are a few reasons why I do not know what to do.

  1. The scheduling and more important classes I need to attend are scheduled the same day that I am at work (signed contract job that I cannot miss for any reason).
  2. There is a strict attendance policy. Everyone who has suffered from Chronic Illnesses, know that this is difficult to follow-through when you can never predict when pain or any other symptoms are going to hit.
  3. It is not really needed for my program. I would use it just to boost my grades up.
  4. I need to stay focused in order to be able to do the last course push in Fall/Winter. But in order to do so, I need to clear mentally and I think just coming off the first part of summer classes. I don’t think taking a second class will be beneficial mentally.
  5. I feel like if I do go to this class. I will end up failing or getting a bad great just by having no motivation.
  6. I love the sound and theme of the class and it is one I was really looking forward too. But at the same time, I can take it any other semester.
  7. It was recommended to reduce as much stress as possible in my life to start and continuing getting better so I can reach my life goals.

While all this is being said and figured out. My main worry is not being able to live up to the challenge and getting the marks I need in order to successfully pass this class. This is where the internal debate is.

Living with Fibro, Endo, AS and Osteo.

Somedays the Endo pain comes full blast and I can’t control the stomach pains and would spend most of the class sitting in the bathroom.

Fibro. I have wide range of body pain and fatigue. Where getting out of bed does get a challenge.

The back pain and the hard chairs. Sometimes you just wanna break your back and not have to use them.

Honestly there are a lot of pros and cons and I think whatever the decision I end up making, will be the right one for me.


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