10 Things Chronic Pain Suffers Want Everyone to Know



A few weeks ago there was an article released about how Gut Bacteria can be a link to Fibromyalgia.

While there is a possibility it is true. I had at least 10 people send it to me! To see if I can follow through and see if the theory is true.

However, like most cases. The Chronic Health is more complex then others who aren’t aware may think.

So, while us Chronic Pain/Illness suffers are going through trying to gain our life back. Here are some things we want everyone to know.

  1. We are trying. Some days we try harder then other days. Some things make us more tired and cause more pain. Sometimes we can do something but the next day we can”t complete the exact same thing we did days before. But just know. We are trying.
  2. Getting out of bed is one of the hardest things for us to do. Once that is mastered, other tasks become slightly easier. It could be due to depression because of what we live through. It could be the exhaustion. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Sometimes one can jump right out of bed and have absolutely no problem. Other times, it can take us about an hour. ‘
  3. Good doctors are hard to find. Don’t keep recommending we go back and see certain doctors. Because you know what? Some don’t really care. While you can go out and find the one who truly does care and changes your life.
  4. While we are talking about doctors. Try not to be a doctor to those suffering in pain. We have tried everything. Don’t worry. Yoga isn’t a cure. CBD isn’t a cure. Losing weight isn’t a cure. Overall, we have tried things. Some things work for some and don’t work for others. But don’t keep saying a certain something will forever change our life. Believe me we have tried everything.
  5. Drugs. We are not drug seekers. While everything thinks we just go to the Emergency to get pain killers. Most of us don’t even want to take any medication. But sometimes that is the only thing to alleviate the pain.
  6.  We don’t want pity. At all. We only want understanding and to be heard.
  7.  Just because we work or do what normal people do everyday. Does not mean that the Chronic Pain or Illness is not there.
  8.  Even if we don’t use a walking aid/wheel chair. Does not mean we don’t need some of the same things those who do need. Sometimes we need to use the bigger bathroom (Sense of urgency that we cannot control/or need a bit extra room to help us get up faster). Sometimes we need a parking space closer so we do not need to have to walk so far because we know our body cannot handle it. Sometimes we need to sit on a crowded metro. In other words. Just because you cannot see something on someone, does not mean that it is not there.
  9.  We never get used to the pain. Whether we have been suffering a few days to months to years. It is not something we will ever get used too. We will have good and bad days but if it’s there. We start to feel down because it is there.
  10.  If we do say no to going out. Just know that we are grateful for the invite. But our body does not let us do everything it once was. If you walk away from someone chronically ill, chances are you are not a good friend.

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