Natural Tricks to Alleviating Back Pain.


Electro Machine 

Well. I don’t want to be one of those people who try and force tricks and gimmicks on one’s health. I have found out some tricks that have helped me for alleviating Spine Pain.

I am just going to put this list out there, for anybody desperately trying to find something to ease the pain that is not always linked to pain killers.

So here we go.

  1. CBD. I am a huge fan of this on bad days. The natural edible types. This does not take the pain away fully but it does help minimize it.
  2. Bath bombs. I am not sure if it is the bath bomb itself or just relaxing in the hot water that helps bring comfort to joints. But this has also helped. **Bonus some bath bombs come with CBD**
  3. Meditation. Using meditation and visualizing has helped. This comes in handy when there is a lot of stress that is overwhelming. Taking the extra few minutes to visualize and destress also helps.
  4. Keep yourself distracted. I get it. With pain, this is often hard to do. However, once you find doing something you really love. You will continue loving it more and the energy you get from in can decrease the endorphins that cause pain.
  5. For any sort of pain. Or body issue I recommend going to see a chiropractor. This was not my original plan years ago. But I was left with no choice. And with weekly/bi-weekly visits I have never felt this non-stiff in my life.
  6. Take the afternoon nap/ or take the hour to be alone and just think and relax. When I do that, I am able to carry out through an entire day.
  7. Stretching. I would recommend stretching. However, everyone is different and has back pains for reasons. Follow up with a medical professional who can make you a program for stretching. I stretch everyday. Some of it takes away the stiffness which removes the pain.
  8. Laying flat on your back on the floor. Putting your hands over your head and trying to reach as far as possible. This stretches the spine and helps out any kinks.
  9. TENS UNIT- Electro machine. This has been a lifesaver on more then one day.

What other pain managements have you tried and that you recommend?


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