End of Season

It has been over a full week since I ended my 2018-2019 Figure Skating year. This was also my 20th season on the ice. As you all remember last season was a disappointment after coming off from a season high the year before. Well, this season didn’t start off so good. And to be honest…

Paralyzed by Fear

Bell Let’s Talk is back. And it could not have come at a better time. Why is that? I have been suffering big time mentally lately, and it is progressively getting worse.

Happy New Year

Hello Everyone; I have been out for a long time. I am still around this site and have been taking time to write my book about my medical hell and get my own life back on track without anyone else trying to live my life. What I have noticed recently is a lot of people…

Blindsided by a Nagging Injury

Why yes, it has been forever since I have updated. Basically since the site showed my last school assignment. While I hope you all can forgive me, I still feel like I have to give an explanation about my whereabouts. While, I am not comfortable and/or ready to get into the details about this injury….

Back Pain: Arthritis and Extra Bone

I have been having back pain for as long at least 12 years now. At first I thought, back pain? This has to be normal. Everyone my age (I was thirteen at the time) must have it because nobody is showing any symptoms. 

10 things nobody tells you about Endometriosis

March is the awareness month for Endometriosis. In the past, I have told my story on Endometriosis and the surgeries I’ve had because of the disease, I decided to take a new direction in hopes to continue raising awareness.

Post-Concussion Symptoms nobody talks about.

  Concussions are a traumatic brain injury. What most people don’t realize is the aftermath is the worst part of the injury. This is because of how unwired the brain becomes which leads to some uncommon symptoms that can last a lot longer than ‘just’ headaches. In the past I have been diagnosed with several…

Surgery #2

Surgery number 2 has been completed about two weeks ago. I had a laparoscopy for Endometriosis and had the best care one could ask for especially in the dysfunctional Quebec medical system. While the day was set in stone for a month before the surgery. I only found out the time I needed to be…

Trapped in a World Pool of Thoughts

  So…It seems like my last few posts have been about the mental state. But I honestly think the mental state determines a lot in someones health. Is it normal for someone to cry every night for absolutely no reason? I mean start off on the verge of tears and all of a sudden they…

Travelling with a Chronic Illness

As I am heading out in several hours for a much needed vacation. I wanted to write a quick blog about Travelling (yes I’m Canadian this is how we spell it) and the necessities that go with it especially with a chronic illness. I am heading to Las Vegas for a week. Destination Choice: Check…

Living a ‘normal’ life with interstitial cystitis (Chronic Bladder Pain)

When I first saw a urologist (2015), it was due to ongoing bladder/kidney ‘infections’. I think in four months before my doctor took some course of action I suffered from symptoms of 3 separate infections. But after every single antibiotic dosage…the symptoms rapidly came back. On the third arrival to the clinic. She asked me…

Biggest Mistake: Ignoring results of a high AM Cortisol test

Lately, everything had been going well. I have been managing a full schedule and being as healthy as I could-despite the fibro, endo and all the other side issues I am dealing with. In May I was sent to a specialist for endometriosis who decided to send me for blood tests to check hormone levels….