Refreshing Water



This week I had made several changes to my health. I decided to eat healthier. I cut down on sugar and cut out bread completely.

I am still at the early stages of this. It has been about five days and I am not even craving to binge eat which is my biggest motivation.

But for some reason I have been excessively thirsty. Like, I cannot describe how thirsty I have been.

I have been refiling my 24 ounce water bottle minimum 5 times a day. The most I went too, was seven.

And it is like I am craving it so much.

But also my sugar level has been high as well hours after I eat.

And because of Covid there is no way I can safely go get tested for Diabetes or any other reason this could be from.

But I have been extremely tired this week as well. I have been sleeping at 6pm most of the days. I have struggled with my energy levels.

So time will tell. but averaging 3-5 liters a day is even tough on me especially on my bladder.

I will keep you guys posted on this.

Hope you are all staying safe.


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