Week Off

The past week I took an unexpected week off.

It started by endometriosis flaring. And getting a really bad period. One of the one’s that are abnormal compared to the ones in the past year but we will see. I know I am having a lot more pain the previous ones.

But this one has kept me from working out. And there have been times at work I was crunched up in a ball trying not to pass out.

Along with that. I had been given more hours at work. For the first time in six weeks of confinement.

There was one day I got home from work. I finished my school stuff and I crashed in bed at 5pm and I woke up the next day at 3am to go to work. And basically went 24 hours without eating.

I have not had much of an appetite lately either.

So yeah. I am back. Everything is going better. Took an off day and decided to catch up on everything.

Perfect Saturday.

If Sunday remains the same, I will start slowly back to workouts.

Here is a project I completed while in confinement.


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