Strengthening Injuries- Home Recovery

So because of Covid-19, I have been doing a home recovery. Since almost the entire town is locked up.

This means I cannot get my new injections. So my spine on my right side hurts so bad. Usually if I can get it to stretch a lot where it cracks I am good for a few hours. But it is pretty hard to do that on the right side.

I have found some easy exercises that eases the pain and the pressure. But it starts to flare other body parts. So it is taking a lot of effort.

I have been working out 4-5 days a week. At the hands of my athletic therapist. Since my coaches are not currently around and there is no ice available.

My current workout plan for two of the days is pure Yoga and learning how to stretch without pain. Though, there is some pain, you know it is the good feeling pain.

The other two to three days are set for cardio, off ice and stretching mixed. And honestly following a set routine I see an improvement.

It is not going as fast as I hoped it would, but it is going at a decent speed that the progress will hopefully stick.

I am enjoying my time off the ice. I am ready to get back on whenever we can.

Here is a look at my off ice training.

Exercise: Sunday Monday Tuesday
30 Seconds Skipping x2      
High Knees 30 seconds x 2      
Calf Rises 20×2      
Squats 20x 2 hold 10 seconds each/last 5 hold 25 seconds.      
Push-ups 10×2      
Sit-ups 25×2      
Squat Jumps 10×1      
Lunges 20 per foot      
Climbers 10×2      
1 turn in place x10      
Waltz jump x 10      
Flip x10      
Lutz x10      
Toe x 10      
Jump on two feet holding rail x10      
Jump on Left foot holding rail x 10      
Jump on right foot holding rail x 10      
Arab right foot 30 sec x2      
Arab left foot 30 sec x 2      
Y 10 sec x 2 left      
Y 10 Sec x 2 right      
Butterfly 1 minute      
Wall sit 1 minute      
Split jump x 5      
45 Seconds breathing      

My goal is to stay strong, even if I cannot do it 100% of the time with Fibro etc. It is the goal to continue recovering from injuries. I have come a long way since I got the diagnosis in March 2019 of 5 herniated discs in my spine.

So honestly this is my motivation because not many people can continue after that.

I just wish i could continue Therapy and Chiro.

91440044_2833033543480521_5877699084294291456_n.jpgCaption is from Facebook- 25 Mars/25 March

Travailler avec un athletic therapist via Videochat est difficile. Mais c’est pour le mieux. Cela me pousse à travailler dur et à atteindre mes objectifs. Où se trouve ma blessure à la colonne vertébrale, je n’ai pas pu le faire depuis plus de deux ans. Mais avec toute la thérapie et les traitements, j’arrive enfin quelque part.

Working with an athletic therapist via Videochat is hard but it is definitely for the best in these circumstances. It pushes me to work hard and to achieve my goals. Where my spine injury is after the car accident this has been almost impossible to do. With all the therapy and treatments I am finally ending up somewhere!

Stay safe guys and wash your hands.

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