Unexplained Dizziness

After indoor workout training during a thunderstorm. 

So last week, I had intense dizziness. I would stand up and the room would spin and it would feel like I was getting motion sickness.

Now. I have no idea what was starting it.

I started taking CBD to help with pains as I am unable to get injections because of Covid-19. So I have been using CBD and it has taken my pain away.

The dizziness started shortly after I started the first dosage. And seemed to calm down each and every other time I took it.

But at the same time, I was doing some intense training with a lot of jumping. And I remember that in the past I had concussions. So I started to wonder if it was due to Post-Concussion symptoms.

And so I took time off from the training. I believe it was 3 days before I started light working out and the headaches and the motion sickness were almost gone. The first workout I had to stop after 30 minutes. The rest I was fine. Until the Saturday when i started jumping again.

But with the jumping it does not help that the ground was uneven and I was not taking second pauses.

I will continue monitoring it. I have no idea what happened but just in case it is post-concussion I am taking it very serious.

I had no other symptoms besides feeling motion sickness and continuous dizziness.

I will keep you guys posted.

Stay safe, and keep washing your hands.

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