Crazy Breast Pain

*** Warning perhaps TMI for some readers.***

**Image warning- Not full breast put partial to show discoloration**

So I have no idea what has been going on these past few weeks with my breasts. I am assuming it is a hormone change. And I have consulted a doctor about them, but in the time with Covid-19 we are unable to do any tests or even  see each other in person to have them monitored.

It is more my right breast then my left one.

It is extremely heavy. It feels like a dead weight.

I have gone up in bra sizes and have given up to a point I just wear XL-XXL sports bras. Depending on the day and the pain, the size may vary. I also have another one with me at all time.

There is throbbing pain or it is like a shriveled up pain where it feels like razor blades.

I usually have to take Advil or midol when this happens. I constantly have a purse full of medicine with me for when something flares.

Putting pressure on them, lying on my stomach is always the most helpful. Or heat from water in a bathtub too.

There is some discoloration as well.

In a sense I am not worried, because I am young and everyone thinks it is hormones.

But when you have family members who have had breast cancer before. Then it gets more worrisome.


Coloration April 2020



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