Energy Drainage


So I have been getting up at ass-o clock five days a week now due to Covid and my work needing someone to do the bake.

I am exhausted. Like, I love working and going but I am generally more tired then usual. It does not help that I rarely get a day off.

There were days I was taking deadly naps. And while sleeping felt great I was feeling unwell after. Dizzy. Dehydrated. More exhausted.

So what I decided to do was put myself onto a schedule. Even if this means going to bed really early.

I have my hours planned out like I normally would. I keep my school in. I add exercise. I add computer time. I add art and TV time.

And this has honestly been helping me.

The next step is to add more settled diet since I am eating everything in sight. As well, I will change some more of my workouts.

But this is what I wanted to ask you guys. What do you want to see more content of… In the coming week there will be more unknown conditions to learn about. But what else? Food? Recipes? Work out? Personal stories etc.

You can find my contact information and message me or leave it in the comments.

Keep staying safe guys.

Ca va bien aller.


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