Injection Procedure #9


About two weeks ago, I underwent Injection Procedure #9. And honestly it was not the worst thing ever.

Maybe I am just used to it by now and being stabbed in the back (literally).

However, I went to work. I was scheduled from 7-3. Only one person knew about it, who was the supervisor of the 2-10 shift. So I was able to get out early.

I went to the clinic and filled out the mandatory paperwork. Even though I had it completed weeks previous.

My appointment was scheduled at 3. But they were running a bit late, so I only got see around 3:30. I was told to put the gown on and waited a bit longer before I was called into the room.

I went in, I laid down on my stomach on the table. Unlike some other procedures I had, this one I was not frozen and I was not put to sleep to have it done. I was fully awake and felt everything.

I fainted within the first sight of the needle. Which is rare because usually I am fine. So I don’t remember a lot of what actually happened.

When I became conscious was at the time I felt the liquid go through my spine.

I was sent home right after. Where I ended up driving myself home. I took the highway which was a mistake. Like other times of the injections I got extremely tired. And by the time I got home, I was barely conscious. I ended up passing out in bed almost immediately and slept a good twelve hours.

The following day, I ended up working at 6 am. And all through the week I continued working,

*NOTE: For those who ever get injections done. Please make sure you know what you are getting them done for. Because when I got there, they were going to inject my shoulder instead of my back. I told them to look at my file and it has always been my spine/hip area so they did it. But if I did not tell them, it would have been my shoulder.



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