These last few weeks have been insane. I have been working endless hours and two jobs. I have been skating full time and I have had a lot of stuff in my personal life that needed to be sorted out.

While I love you guys, what didn’t help is my computer continues to be broken so it is hard to keep posting. I am using my phone now, so don’t mind any spelling mistakes. My phone is usually set to French so sometimes without my realization words change.

I have so much to tell you guys, I don’t even know where to start.

I am currently in a hot tub about two hours from my house. Recovering from what is about to be a burnout.

Same thing as last year at this time. August is always my biggest struggle. I have no idea why, but this one hasn’t been as bad as the past several months.

I think overall I know how to take care of myself more. I eat better (mostly), I stay hydrated, I work more, I am loved by those around me and they continue to tell me so. Overall I am getting better one day at a time.

The next few blog posts will be about; mental health (suicidal thoughts), eating disorder, rehab, chronic pain and so many more topics to come.

I love you all xox.

Take the time to tell someone you love them. It can change their entire perspective of the day they endured.

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