Life Update

It’s been a while since I have been around. The pandemic really put a damper on life. And instead of being around online, I decided to take all my free time (whatever that is) and begin to write.

I love writing and have loved it for my entire life. About ten years ago I was so fed up of it, that I decided to put it on hold. That was until the pandemic started. I started with one book. Published it. The second one. Published it and even a third one. I have about 4 that are also written but not currently edited or published.

Just to escape a normal reality and dive into a story helped mentally. I know I talked a lot about the mental struggles I’ve had in my life. And I am not going to lie. They are still there. They normally hit when I am overly tired. So I am working on cutting down my schedule as much as I can to be able to enjoy some things I love and to not be burned out.

In life the number one thing I have learned is nothing should ever stop in the way of your happiness. If you are tired, take a few days off. Don’t let work treat you like shit. You are worth more then what people make you out to be.

December I lost my (fur) baby. Pickles died at nearly 19 years old. I was lost and confused. But I adopted a new angel. Her name is Boots. (Pic is below).

I will be blogging more. I am aiming for minimum one post a week. Lot’s has been going on and I am excited to share everything with you.

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