Number 8.


Today (June 11th, 2019) I went for my Spine Injection Procedure #8.

And of course. Like almost every other procedure I have had, my period decided to pop up. (Everyone think’s it’s related to the stress).

So basically I went in, in the afternoon. There was a lot of people waiting in the room so for sure i thought I would be there forever.

But I guess with appointments things tend to go a little faster.

One thing that happened, that I was not expecting was. Today I got the injections on my left side. While the other 7 times before that were on my right side.

My doctor decided to switch it up (following the MRI results) and in order to see what will be the more beneficial treatment down the line.

I just wish that I was aware of this a little earlier on.

I got dressed and laid on the table.

They looked extensively at my spine (only my left side). Including to see if what the MRI showed was conclusive to see what they would see on the machine.

The upper, the lower and then they marked my back.

Now they were getting all the materials ready.

Then they froze my lower spine (not very well).

Finally it was time to inject. They were going to start off with Iodine to make sure they got the proper location.

The pick into the skin made me jump. I guess my left side who is not used to it, is more sensitive then the right side.

After, they fiddled around with the needle. Following my spine getting to the proper location. This part did not particularly hurt. But it was uncomfortable feeling something move inside of you.

A few minutes later and I was able to feel the liquid be pushed into my spine. It was an intense pressure. It hurt but not too bad.

Once the procedure was done, I was allowed to go home. However, I was feeling tired and there was a lot of intense pain that remained throughout the night.

The past few times the exhaustion never happened so I am not sure what made this different.

It was a long brutal drive home until finally I got home and I was able to lie down.

Like always though, these injections caused my bladder to flare and I have been getting up to pee every 45 minutes – 1 hour. If it follows the same pattern as previous injections it will be like this for the next week or so.

I slept on and off the rest of the afternoon while trying to finish my essay and get some tasks sorted out.

One reason I think it could have affected my exhaustion level was due to the fact it was located near my adrenal glands and kidneys.

As well because of the exhaustion and everything that was going on today, I had a severe headache the rest of the evening.

I can’t complain too much, I am resting well;

I have the air conditioning on.

I have a hundred pillows in my bed and I am properly elevated.

I have water with me.

I have tylonel/advil and a heating pad.

I have crutches beside my bed in case my back freezes up.

I have my chiropractor on backup if I need to get a hold of him.

The goal is tomorrow to get out of the house and go somewhere I can finish my homework.

I won’t be allowed to work, do sports or anything for a couple of days. Even if I wanted too, I realize now it is definitely for the best decision.

Anyways. I am off to sleep.

Good Night xx

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