Hospitalization ~ 06/13/19


06/13/2019 –> I ended up in the hospital. But let’s discuss how I got there.

I was in class on Thursday morning and it was basically to hand in my final essay before my last class the following week.

During the class, I started burning up. It felt like my body especially my upper body, was on fire.

My arms were getting severely red and breaking out and started to burn up.

No filter, skin was this red.

After class, I was heading to my car. I was parked near a pharmacy so I followed my moms advice and went to speak to the pharmacist.

The pharmacist agreed with my original theory that it was an allergic reaction. But since I am known not to have any allergies or known reactions in the past, he suggested I go to the hospital to be on the safe side.

I drove myself there, and after what felt like forever, I got to the hospital at around 4:30pm.

I received a number for triage and after about 20 minutes I was called in by the nurse.

She automatically saw how red my arms were and the part where they were starting to blister.

I waited for about two hours before being called into room 4. The doctor looked at my skin and within 30 minutes I was released with new medication.

I was prescribed Benadryl for future reactions. As well as Cortisone Cream for the allergic reactions.

Now, since I never had allergies before it has become troublesome.

What caused it?

There is no full reason yet what caused the reaction. However, something tells me it has something to do with the Spine Injections I had a few days prior.

06/17/19 I see the allergist to find out more.

*Fingers Crossed*


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