Allergy Clinic


06/17/2019 ~ Today was my first appointment at the allergy clinic that came just a few days after I was in the hospital for an allergic reaction.

It was in downtown Montreal. So just the waking up early and trying to get downtown for my 10:30 appointment was hell.

Not to mention the limited parking when all the streets are blocked off causing me to illegally park and risk the chance of getting a ticket.

Finally, I registered in and waited for a few minutes in the waiting room.

I was called in by the nurse and she explained the process to me.

Basically I was being picked with some common allergies.

Within minutes my entire arm turned dark red.

I had to wait fifteen minutes before being seen again. In those fifteen minutes my arm was a totally different color. It was burning and itchy.

She took notes and then I was left awaiting the allergist.

When I saw the allergist, she looked at my arm. But since it was so widespread we don’t believe I have a specific allergy.

She is sure that I have Chronic Urticaria. Basically Chronic Hives.

I am starting to undergo treatment for it. And in two months I will go back and we will take some further steps.


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