Confusion of my Future


So here are a few thought processes that have been going on in my head lately. All while my mind is playing tricks on me.

My skating season ended in March. However, I am still going through the withdrawals of the missing adrenaline that I am not receiving. Like it is actually affecting me physically and mentally.

Physically the pain and stiffness are intense.

Mentally the pain just goes through tons of emotions.

If you remember, I did a post about Adrenaline Addiction a few years ago.

Now, I have a huge decision to make about my health and about my next figure skating season.

I have some ongoing spine issues. Where I have had ongoing medical testing for. While there will be some other information in future posts, I will say that there are some chronic issues on my spine that need to be solved. And not with injections or therapy. I am pretty sure surgical as well.

I have not even started training yet for next season.

I was on the ice everyday during the spring. However, it was just a lot of ups and downs and regrets.

The solo for next season was started but not finished. But I was thinking of switching the music again to cause even less problems.

Another part of me is almost okay with next season not happening and skipping it entirely.

I have had two weeks away from the ice following the injections and the allergic reaction, that my body has felt good healing.

While this is almost a useless post. I just really needed to rant at not knowing what my future brings. As everyone who has read some of my posts know, I am huge on planning my future. This is some of what is triggering my emotions.

Anyone else have to make some life decisions and are feeling overwhelmed? How are you breaking down the overwhelmingness?


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