Back in Action


I got a new computer. I will go see if my mac can be fixed. However, it seems to be a problem with the keyboard getting wet. And I believe that happened when I did a post at the beach.

But I have a good alternative and it will at least get me through this semester at school.

YES! I am officially back in school. I went part-time in order to really focus on my classes and to focus on skating and work.

I work 40+ hours a week. I still work at Tims but I also work with the Montreal Alouettes. The season with the Alouettes is almost over, so I will have some more free time in the coming weeks.

I currently have 3 competitions registered for the 2019-2020 season.

They are all very close together. But I still feel stronger then I have the past few years and for once I am actually excited to get them started.

I am only awaiting the dress to arrive and praying it ends up fitting.

There will be several posts coming up.

So glad to be back and use this as a diary and to spread awareness. So much has happened in the past weeks.



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