Spine Recovery Update


So it has been a while since I did an update on my spine.

It has been a LONG and DIFFICULT road to recovery and while I am getting closer I am still far away.

I still get severe pain that jolts through my spine. It is worse when I am standing up, when I am at work.

There are a lot of days that are manageable but there are a lot of days where I cannot do anything for a few days and I have to use continuous pain medication to heal it.

I am stretching it every 2 days. And on Sundays I do a full evaluation to see how much I can push without creating pain.

I did have a set back a few weeks ago, where for a week I was not able to stand and walk so I eased up on the training in order to recover.

I am still awaiting to see the specialist and the surgeon. From all the tests I have had done, it does not seem to be anything neurological- yet I am willing to go for a second opinion as my case was rushed.

I am waiting on the surgeon and will send my request to several hospitals to try and rush the case.

I know my right side of my spine is my bigger problem. But because I keep favouring my left side, it is causing more problems to that side as well.

I have a follow-up appointment on the 30th of September where I will have more news about my spine to hopefully share with you.

My best advice to everyone suffering is, if you are not happy continue pushing medical professionals and consulting.


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