2019-2020 Season



October 11th was my first competition of the 2019-2020 season. Also my 21st figure skating season.

Now. Before I tell you everything that happened. You need to read my posts about my spine health to catch up *if you have not already done it*.

  • Basically the results from my car accident were; 5 herniated discs (Disc Bulges) in my spine. As well there was a slight displacement that caused my pelvic bone to not align. 

I have been in an insane amount of therapy trying to heal from this injury. It is going well, but the process is a lot longer then I would have ever expected. And while I am better, I am nowhere near getting better.

So now, rewind to Friday October 11th.

I got up at 5am in order to go to work. Yay, the adult life is fun. But I honestly love my job because of the people I work with. For the most part, everyone is so supportive. Even if we have our moments.

I worked a 6 hour shift. Finishing at 12. At 12 I departed for Levis, Quebec. Which was a 2.5 hour drive.

I had decided two days earlier to book a room down there just because of all the driving and getting up early. I thought it would be too much on my body.

The drive itself took forever. I love driving long distances but there was a lot of crazy assholes on the road.

While stopping once halfway to go pee and get food, I still managed to do pretty good time.

I got there around 3:30.

I checked into the hotel. Which was Econolodge.


I got all my stuff in the room and I decided to crash down on the bed. I set my alarm for 4:30 and another for 5:15.

I was a bit loopy around 4:30 so slept a little bit longer and by 5 I was up texting and watching tv.

I went in and took a shower around 5:30. And started the makeup while letting my hair dry.

Once my hair was dry, I did my hair and then I got ready and dressed.

I left for the rink (10 min drive) about 7pm (My skate was at 8:30).

I got to the rink. Sat in my car for about 15 minutes listening to my music and trying to visualize the ice.

I was ready to skate. Even though I had not pulled a full run through yet with jumps.

(Week leading up to the comp I was having some medical issues related to caffeine allergy and how my body reacts). But that is a different story. 

I got into the rink and registered myself in. I got ready in dressing room 3 and just sat there. I kept thinking…eventually I put my phone away and went by the ice.

There was one skater remaining before my warmup.

Good. I had my brief moment of “Why am I doing this to myself.”

The skater got off.

I calmed down.

Names were called for the warmups and it was time to skate.

It was 5 minutes.

I did not over-push since I was the first to go.

I did some light edges around the ice and a few spins and a few jumps. Just enough to get a proper feeling.

Warmup is done.

My name is called along with my home club.

I skated to the middle of the ice. And got in position. My song started (Theme: Alice in Wonderland).

I started the first part and instantly went into my first combination jump. (My only one of the program). I wanted a clean skate and I have not worked with two combinations yet with my body.

Up next was my first spin. I put my absolute best spin first, taking a risk and trying to show off my absolute worst spin at the end.

Up next was another jump I randomly threw in trying to kill some time before my footwork.

My footwork is worth the most points. 3.00 base value.

While I did not perform a clean footwork, it could have went a lot worse and I only lost like 0.67 of a mark on it.

After the footwork I had my second spin. The spin last season I got continuous “V” on because the quality was not satisfactory. However, my goal coming into this season was to get rid of it, and the first competition I DID!! I was the happiest person ever when I saw that.

I went in for jump number 3. It should have been a combo but I downgraded it to one jump only. It was still clean but I am kind of kicking myself for not doing the full.

Then the final jump came and it was an end of program.

At the end I was surprised I could breathe. Because in previous competitions I have always wanted to collapse right after.

I got off the ice and took my skates off immediately.

I walked back barefoot to watch the other competitors.

I had a few people come up to me and talk to me how they admired me for coming all that way to skate. Especially with no coach. And asked me a lot of questions.

I found it hilarious in a sense, because usually I am bilingual and can understand and speak really well even if I mix the two languages because my brain overworks. But these people instantly thought I was American because of my accent. Or turned right away to speak to English.

I came 1st place. With my highest points in about two seasons.

I am overall thrilled with the competition and how it went.

I only have 8 days to rest before the next competition on Sunday Morning (October 20th).

I have a few things to fix, but honestly I am ready to see what the season will bring.

If you read my other post, you know I am having trouble mentally since the competition. I think it is the adrenaline or the exhaustion or both. But I will keep an eye on it as the season goes along.




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