Maple- Medical App (Honest Review)

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These past few days I have been really sick. My throat had been hurting a lot. But everyone was sick and being as rundown as I am. I thought I was just extremely sick as well.

It got to a point Thursday (October 24th 2019) I was unable to swallow ANYTHING. It hurt so much I was crying and miserable.

I still suffered through work, because honestly I have never really missed so I want to show when I do call in sick, it is because I really mean it and probably dying.

I got home and collapsed in bed. I started searching bonjour-santé to see if there were any open spaces at any of the clinics around me. But of course, it is flu season. So there was not.

I searched options. And then I remembered Maple. The medical app. Now. Let me tell you. I was hesitant about it. Like is this fake?

The pain I was in and dosing on advil every 2-3 hours with it not working. I gave it a shot. I registered. I put in my symptoms. And then came the payment.

At this point, I really did not care about the payment. I sucked it up and paid 95$ which equals to 100 credits. 40 credits per visit depending on the time of day. After hours it is 90 or 70.

Which fine. I used my credit card. And I paid.

Within minutes I was notified by text saying the doctor will be seeing me in a few minutes.

I got the app open.

Right off the bat, he asked to see a picture of the back of my throat. The first was not a good enough one. So I sent a second image.

The second one he saw red and swelling.

He asked me a question about flu symptoms. And chills.

And then prescribed me penicillin for strep-throat.

After. There was no further questions. So I accepted the prescription and I had two options.

  1. Wait 1-2 business days to get them in the mail (In my head I would have went to see a doctor if that were the case).
  2. Send it to the pharmacy.

The prescription got faxed to the pharmacy. I went to the pharmacy and waited about 20 minutes before it was filled and I had the pills in my hand.

There was one slight issue. My pills are 300mg and they were originally prescribed 1 pill 2x a day. Which basically is nothing. Usually for 300 mg it would be 4x a day. Or 600mg 2x a day.

The pharmacist called my doctor and there was no answer. I still got some pills to start.

Later that night, I got the call I can take 2 pills, 2x a day.

It took 2 doses full to say that I can finally swallow without feeling like there are razor blades in my throat.

It still hurts from time to time but not nearly as much as it has been.

I am so grateful for the app and how fast everything was processed. I hate how there was a price-tag but at this point. I was willing to pay anything.

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