MRI Results-


So, remember on August 31st when I went in at 10pm for an MRI on my right knee?

Well, two months later and I finally have the results.

So…brace yourselves.

I have a Longitudinal and Horizontal tear through the lateral meniscal anterior horn which extends into the anterior root ligament. Alongside that there is a small intrameniscal cyst.

There also seems to be a problem behind the knee. But I am not sure what it says on the report about that.

I have not seen a doctor since getting the diagnosis yet. So I have no idea where this will take me.

I do know, I have to wear a knee brace 24/7. For now I just have the ones from the pharmacy but I will be fitted for a permanent one.

The injury can take 3-9 months to heal. There is no time table set yet. Once I have more information I will let you know.


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