Knee Injury Update


It has been 3 months since the MRI on my right knee.

For those who don’t know the results. You can read about them here.

Basically Torn Meniscus.

I have been getting treatment for it. Including Chiro/Physiotherapy and stretching it and trying to rehabilitate it.

However, there is not much progress.

I cannot stand long or walk long, or even (yes I know I should not) skate long.

My limits for;

  • Walking regularly =45 mins.
  • Walking with incline/decline= 15 mins.
  • Running= not tested.
  • Standing/not moving= 1 hour maximum (at work)–> Which I have been off for a while.
  • Standing/moving= Depends but breaks are needed.
  • Skating 20 mins-30 mins with small breaks in between.

I have crutches with me 90% of the time. Mostly for security reasons in case I cannot continue walking.

If I feel I need them I bring them. I try to avoid using them, which the last few days have not happened.

The recovery is going slower then expected.

I have a temporary brace right now that holds my leg together.

I had the measurements for my knee done and I will be getting a new brace in the next few weeks.

I am continuing physio/chiro/icing/heating/electrotherapy/stretching etc.

I will also be referred to a surgeon to see if my knee will need to be scoped. I have no information about that, but I am sure it will be happening within the New Year.

Time will tell.


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