~Skating Goals~



I have set my goals for the 2019-2020 Season.

Now… all I have to do is take into consideration my health and hope it stays maintained.

My goal is for 5 competitions this season. There is no timetable when I will start competing or how many I will actually do.

I want to land higher jumps then usual.

I want to get credited for all my spins in competitions without a (V).

I want to start some new things. And start passing more tests.

I don’t want to be scared of falling.

Falling and injuring myself has been my biggest fears the last two years and I lost a lot of progressions.

I want to lose weight and gain strength and become healthy.

All I know is with my health going up and down and all around. I question how many skating years I have left.

Like maybe, I won’t be able to compete this one.

Maybe, it’s my last one.

Or maybe I have 5 more years left.

Who knows?

I just know, my goal is to have fun like it is my last season.



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