New Unknown Body Flares

IMG_2160.jpgHas anyone every gotten random new pain locations, and you have absolutely no idea what is causing it? Or even what it is from?

So, I am having severe pain lately in many parts of my body and I have no idea what is causing it.

The first pain is in my right shoulder. It is inside my rotator cuff. It hurts to lift it a certain way and push it in directions. I have always had shoulder problems but the last week or so has been way worse then anything I have ever experienced.

I have been icing it and if I ever have five minutes to myself I will go to the place and get x-rays on it.

Shoulder issues run in my family, so knowing my long line of health history, it would not surprise me.

Another thing it could be is, I start up Ice Dance again. So maybe I did something funny or pulled something that is causing the pain.

Another location has been my right hand. Between my thumb and my index finger. I have had my chiropractor fix it several times but it reoccurs every once in a while.

Another thing is my right ankle and the inside of my right foot also causes a huge problem. Sometimes even to stand, no mind walk or do anything else.

So now picture that with skating?

Now, I have a high pain tolerance. These pains limit me but they don’t completely stop me.

I am just concerned because I have no idea if they are something old (linked to Fibro and Osteo) or if they are something new.

I get more injections in the upcoming days. As well I will have a week or two off to relax my body.

Maybe it will do some good and maybe it won’t. At this point I have no idea anymore.

I can’t take any anti-inflammatories due to past stomach ulcers. So I have muscle relaxants that I am trying not to use.

Another link could be the endo flaring up. My body tends to flare when Endo tends to flare.

So in the upcoming days we will see if we can determine why the body is flaring.

I don’t think it is anything serious, but I want to take all the precautions necessary.

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