Binge Eating -Relapse 2.0


I have already publicly spoken out about Binge Eating. I have been suffering it for years. Yet, no matter what treatment I seem to get, it does not fully go away. And truthfully I don’t think it every will.

This is not me being pessimistic, I feel like it is more related to a mentality and biomechanics of a body.

While I am still better off then I was years ago, I know I still need help.

The binges are more controlled and even after hours of paralysis I can snap out of it and be like, “What I did, is bad.”

Then usually I go a few days and I am fine.

While I am following mostly Keto diet while restraining from lactose, I have given myself one small cheat a day to start.

Most of the time the cheat is something simple, a bagel, a sandwich (something with bread). Other times its chocolate and peanut butter. Or even a sugar ice-tea.

Lately my cravings have been Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and Chips. But I try to avoid the chips at all cost.

I realized that if I didn’t have this. I would be restricting far too much for someone who has suffered for over ten years and trying to get better.

It seemed to work. The few days I did restrict I ended up binging and eating double the calories I should have.

Along with this, I am exercising almost everyday. I don’t over-do it anymore. But sometimes I get in the habit I eat 20 calories (whatever it is that is 20 calories) and that I gotta burn it off. It doesn’t matter if it is a chocolate or an apple.

Sometimes I feel so bloated, I decide not to eat at all. This is where more of my binging has also come in. I go onto starvation mode and then over-eat.

Water intake, I try and get two-three litres in a day. If it’s less I don’t stress over it. If I get it, well the satisfaction of peeing clear comes as a bonus.

I am still following closely.

I am following the rehab assignments I have been given. And I know if I continue it will stay progressing well, but if I don’t it will fall off and become worse.



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