Flaring during Exams


These past few days I have been completing mid-terms and finals for two different classes (with a third class about to start).

However, my body has also been flaring.

There has been some unbearable body pain (that has been getting better over the past few days).

A few days ago it hurt just to sit and stand. Today, I am walking and able to function without wanting to collapse.

It isn’t only the stress of exams that did this. There is also new classes, new jobs, new everything. And for someone with a Chronic Illness who flares, you have to remember that taking it slow and integrating things slowly is key to a successful non-flared body.

What also doesn’t help me is I was eating very nutritional. However, with the stress and always running around I have just been eating what I could eat. With that, it also means a lack of water.

I used to overflow my kidneys with liters of water a day. These past two weeks I have been living off of tea and not taking in any water except when I work.

I avoided exercising a bit more then I should have. I barely skated and thought it would help the pain. I am scared to flare one thing, so I end up flaring almost everything else.

During my mid-term exam on Thursday (May 30th) I was in so much pain just sitting in a very uncomfortable class. I tried to rush it and get out so my body would not flare too much. What also probably didn’t help was a lack of food and water. A lack of sleep the night before and blocking everything out of the brain.

As a student who cares about her education it sucks having to accommodate the body more then anything else.

In my final exam Saturday (June 1st), I was layered in comfortable clothes. I had breakfast and was overall more ready.

I still have two weeks left of school before an actual break. But I think getting into a better schedule overall will help.

More routine possible. The better it will become.


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