Athlete’s Schedule with Health Problems

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So this has been my newest challenge and let me tell you, unlike some other years this year has become a scheduling nightmare.

Here is why. My main training location (Les 4Glaces in Brossard, Quebec) has been shut down.

This creates my first problem. While I am trying to get better, follow what all my doctors/therapists etc say and stay on schedule, I will also be bounced around the world.

So not only does this mean odd ice times, it also means that there will be more travel and less times to do things.

I know one of the training locations I will end up in, is more then 30 minutes away. So… just imagine.

Not only that, summer skating school starts in like two weeks. BUT half the schedules are still not received so nobody knows what location is open and isn’t open.

Second. I have to take into account, I work 2 jobs. Some weeks are expected to go over 40+ hours. Now, my body is always up and down. Sometimes I have been able to handle this, other times I have been knocked down for almost a week due to flares from one 8 hour shift.

So there I have to keep in perspective that my body fluctuates, therefore I cannot add too much in my schedules.

Another thing is, I want to take 1 full day off. I was going to take Wednesday’s off like I have done every season, but depending on the ice schedules…who knows what day it will be this year.

This day off is essential to resting my body and going out and doing other things with family, friends etc.

This summer, I even want to travel. Not sure it will happen (due to new job and being under contract) but I don’t want to spend everyday in Quebec.

Physio, chiro, gym, osteo, acupuncture etc. I will need to find room somewhere during the week to get it done. This is essential for my recovery.

Now add school. I am determined to take summer classes because the last time I decided not too, I didn’t go back to school for a while. And I don’t want to lose the motivation in finally finishing school.

So basically, in other words, I have a lot of things to fill in. But it won’t be filled until I have a basic schedule down packed with the things I know are weekly.

I am excited for summer, but I feel like this will be the most exhausting one yet.

I cannot wait to see what will come of my health and meet all the challenges and obstacles around me.

Do any of you have trouble scheduling?

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