Long day at the Hospital

Photo Credit: Unknown (Not mine)

May 27th, 2019 –

I went to a hospital, one where I am being followed by several doctors. Today’s appointment was the rheumatology clinic.

My appointment was around 2:30, the doctor was slightly late, nothing later then 10 minutes. But out of all the times he has been on time or early this was nowhere near bothersome.

The first thing we went through were my MRI Results from a few weeks ago.

He did not say much about what was on them, except in my mid back there are two disc problems. The disc problems look to be something that happened in sports or forceful impact. Bringing me back to the car accident in 2018.

We were discussing next options as medication does not seem to be beneficial to me. So for now I will be going through minimum 1-2 more injection procedure/therapies.

As well I have to be careful with the medication I take. There has been addiction to some of pain medication and the pain relief in the past. And it is not a path I want to go down again.

As well, I underwent some more blood tests as I haven’t had any done from the hospital in over a year.

Because my knees always hurt and feel swollen (along with my ankles) and when I have to walk or stand long periods of time. We are taking some precautions and undergoing more tests. As well I am always getting numb feeling and tingling in my legs and arms/hands.

I had X-Rays done on my legs.

I will be going for more tests in a few weeks time.

I am being tested for Dysautonomia and Compartment Syndrome.

The preliminary results should be out in a few days before the ongoing summer filled tests.

I have the images on a CD and I will be able to give the CD to the chiropractor in the next few days as well. I am really curious to know what else is happening.

Along with that, I am going to make an appointment to go to physiatry (back healing).

And I am still on the waiting list to consult a surgeon to see if they can correct my spine.

On top of everything, I am someone who has never had allergic reactions. And lately everything is trying to kill me. Especially when I am around fields or where someone has cut the grass.

This might be related to my dandelion oil reaction i had a few months ago. It might not. But I brought it up with the doctor and he finds it best that I will go and consult an allergist as well to make sure nothing else is getting affected.

So while it was a long and exhausting day yesterday that I am still feeling the pain for today, it was totally worth it for once. There were a lot of movements forward and treatment options given.

Anyone have any disc issues in their spine? What did they do for it?

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