Blindsided by a Nagging Injury

Why yes, it has been forever since I have updated. Basically since the site showed my last school assignment. While I hope you all can forgive me, I still feel like I have to give an explanation about my whereabouts.

While, I am not comfortable and/or ready to get into the details about this injury. I will admit one thing to start off. The injury occurred in February when I got into a massive car accident.

What I never realized was the extent of the injury. And because of that, I suffered loads of setbacks and I am still going through many of the symptoms associated with this injury.

So as you can imagine, this has put a halt in my schooling. While I am planning on taking a class or two come fall, it will be a lot more work than in the past.

Skating/Training has also taken a major fallback. The week of July 30th, I officially got back on the ice since February. (While there has been a day or two every now and then) this has been my official return. But there is one thing, just after 5 days the symptoms started intensifying rapidly.

It is currently week two of my return and in 4 days I have missed three due to ongoing symptoms and not having the proper trainers around.

While some of you may have tried to guess what the injury is, I will say that it is far more then that.

I am retraining my entire body while learning to be patient with myself. Once I am able figure out some more answers I will definitely come back and explain everything that has been going on.


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