Emergency Surgeon Appointment

This week has been a weirdly eventful one, but one that has become worrisome.


IMG_4258.JPGOver the past two weeks, I have noticed a lump on my leg. It is below my knee on the front of my leg.

At first, since it was recently after the car accident (even a month later) I thought it might have had something to do with the aftermath.

But as time kept going on, I was getting highly concerned. The bump that was about the size of my pinky finger print was doubling/tripling in size. Now it is the size of the palm of my hand.

I went Monday morning to see the doctor and explained the lump, the redness, swelling and heat from the lump. And instantly she wrote me a referral to go and see the surgeon without event telling me what it could be.

I gave in my paper for the surgeon at the receptionist desk and I got an appointment for 4 days later.

March 30th, I will be going to see the surgeon to find out what it could be and how they are going to remove it.

I have been told some theories what it could be (Blood Clot or Cyst) being the top 2. But, I wont stress over until I talk to the doctor.

Until then, I will give some general information.

A cyst is a sack full of fluid. The symptoms include pain, stiffness, bruised. Mostly are not dangerous but will likely be removed depending on what ligaments they lean on.

A blood clot is when the blood starts to clot causing a lump. This is potentially more dangerous and is considered a medical emergency. Some symptoms include redness, swelling around the location, stiffness, pain. Clots can travel, if they go towards the heart it can be considered life threatening.

Again, I have no idea what it is I can have. I will be going on Friday to see the surgeon and I will have more news by then.


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