Stomach Ulcers



I cannot begin to describe what goes on with my body. I really wish I could. But, my goal is still to keep this site running to educate others and myself.

Now, everyone who personally knows me, knows that August is always my worst health month. I am not sure if this is because of the weather or if this is because it is my most stressful month…whatever the case, I wish it would stop happening year in and year out.

Now, it seems every August I am getting diagnosed with Stomach Ulcers. And this year will be no exception.

I have not gone to the clinic yet, but when I do I will be getting the same medication as I do every other time.

In August I am usually back from taking a bunch of medication to avoid having any flareups over the summer and the extremely hot weather. So already, I have an intolerance to a lot of medication. This does not help the past ulcers.

When you have ulcers in the past they tend to come back over time.

Also, Stress!! Worst thing to have, and yet every end of summer that is when most of my stress appears and it does not help any of the symptoms either.



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