Happy New Year


Hello Everyone;

I have been out for a long time. I am still around this site and have been taking time to write my book about my medical hell and get my own life back on track without anyone else trying to live my life.

What I have noticed recently is a lot of people who appear to be ‘close’ to me is trying to take over my life. And in the past three years I was letting a lot of people do that.

My health is stable. I have lost a lot of muscle and have been getting less exhausted.

Due to a caffeine intolerance, I stopped consuming anything with high amounts of caffeine and my exhaustion level is really well.

2019 Goals

  1. Lose Weight and gain muscle.
  2. Get better scores at competitions.
  3. Spend a lot more “Me Time.”
  4. Get a better job.
  5. Be able to move out of my house.
  6. Pay off any outstanding fees.
  7. Be able to communicate better with people.
  8. Publish 2 books.
  9. Finish some scripts.
  10. Travel around the world.
  11. Blog 1-2 times a week no ifs ands or butts.
  12. Be happy.





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