Two new Endo doctors, Two VERY different views

Picture on left:39 inches, Picture on right: 78 inches 

First of all, it has been nearly two weeks since I have posted. This is not because I abandoned the website but because after opening up about my eating disorder, I did not feel anything could top that post.

Before I start, I want to thank everyone for their responses/messages on all the post but especially from the last post. It meant the world to me, especially when I debated for a long time on whether or not I would open up about this journey. But now that I did, i aim to keep you updated on the progress.

So to start off; remember the endo post-1 year later? If not you can click here. 

But in the post it talked about meeting the surgeon (April 21st). Well…I kept quiet about that doctors appointment, until now that is. This article is aimed to talk about the two appointments I had in regards to endometriosis and what will happen in upcoming months.

By far the WORST medical experience I have been through with any doctor (should have been a warning sign looking at the reviews).

I walked in (on time, appointment was at 9:15 am-written confirmation from the doctor in hand), yet they try to tell me I am 30 mins late so they have to take the other patients first.


Next, still talking to the receptionist, the receptionist told me that my name for my appointment was under some other persons name. I don’t remember what the name was, but it was nowhere close to being my name. Then the receptionist told me that from now on when I call to make an appointment, I have to give the number that I was given, instead of any of my actual info.


Next, sitting in the waiting room. I was not to worried about the wait because there was only one person in there.

I was called in to the office. And the doctor started questioning me about my health in the middle of the waiting room. Now, this was rude…but would have been more rude if there was more people around then just the receptionist.

The doctor had two offices. Instead of taking me into the office I was brought into an exam room and stood beside the exam chair while he read my referral and lab results. The doctor started to come after me about my symptoms, saying they are “normal” and that if I wasn’t having any of these symptoms then it would be not normal.

So it is normal for a 23 year old to;

A) Miss 2-5 days of life (school, work, training etc)  being in severe pain?

B) It is normal that I bleed up to 10-15 days per month.

C) It is normal my waist is 39 inches and constantly swells up to 70+ inches.

D) It is normal I have had cysts on many internal organs for 8+ consecutive years?

Furthermore, the doctor went on to say that my pain level was not enough to even think about surgery. Then the doctor looked at my list of pain meds and continued to say I am on some “heavy pain meds.”

That is when I was about to correct the doctor on the contradiction. But then I thought, if I fight this and convince this doctor, is this someone I really want to do my surgery? Instead, he gave me a prescription for birth control and told me to come back in a year–which I can guarantee I won’t be going back.

When I left I immediately called another doctor who I had a referral for. I recently had the appointment and this is how it went down.

First the doctor looked at my file (sent by my primary surgeon) and then decided to conduct own research by asking me further questions. After I was told that I won’t be getting the surgery right away, because some symptoms that I have need to be examined further.

I was told these symptoms are related to endo:


-Missing 2-5 days


-peeing every 30 mins around/during period

-mood swings

-nausea/throwing up

(Test papers that confirm)

I was told these symptoms were (likely) not related to Endo. They could be BUT have to be further investigated before determining.

-Bleeding heavy for 5+ days

-Period lasting 10-15 days (this part disturbed the doctor)

-Blood Clots the size of my hand

-Swelling 39 inches to 78 inches and it bothering my internal organs.

Before anything happens, I will be going for more blood tests, hormone tests and seeing another specialist that this doctor referred me too, so I could check the pelvic pain. And I will return for a follow-up in September.



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