Back Pain: Arthritis and Extra Bone

I have been having back pain for as long at least 12 years now. At first I thought, back pain? This has to be normal. Everyone my age (I was thirteen at the time) must have it because nobody is showing any symptoms. 

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The older I was becoming the worse the pain became. Again, everyone tells me I am young I can’t have pain. Or to lose some weight.

I tried everything in the book. And it wasn’t until I was about 22 years old when it was time to consult a chiropractor. I was unable to sleep at night, my back paralyzed my whole body and I could not move. I went to see Dr. Jason Skolar.  He was able to tell me on the first consult what was going on with me (Ankylosing Spondylitis, affected sacroiliac joint and a wear and tear).

Basically it was time to get my ass in gear. And right away I found a rheumatologist who sent me for all the needed tests. And it was confirmed I had a wear and tear and Ankylosing Spondylitis.

But this was not solving my back pain. After doses of medication we decided to go down a new path. It was infiltrations and injection therapy.

The first injection I went through was for a nerve block. This injection did nothing at all. And three weeks later I ended up going for my right sacroiliac joint.

This injection worked very well but it was short term and after two months it wore off and the pain was worse than ever.

The third injection was by far the best one and it lasted me the longest. It was again in the sacroiliac joint and it lasted me six months before out of nowhere the pain hit worse than before.

After I went back to see the doctor. This is when we realized on my results of all the MRI’s/XRAYS and specialized tests, that they showed I have an extra bone right beside my sacroiliac joint.

Right right away everything became different. Including how they did procedure number four.

I should have been frozen. But since I had so many in so little time, they decided not to freeze me. So I felt every little thing.

The needle was placed and moved around several times (even hitting my nerve once and causing me to completely jump).

I was injected several times compared to the normal once.

But, everything was good. With 72 hours of being cautious I was pain free. This lasted two months until I was in the severe car accident and basically my body got reset.

I was able to see my doctor this week and I will go for a Lumbosacral transitional Junction Injection. 

If it does not work I will go for another sacroiliac joint injection. We should see in the next few weeks what is to come of it.

I will do anything for this back pain to disappear.

If you CLICK HERE you can watch a video on the procedure for the injections.

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