Paingry: The effect pain has on moods


Chronic Pain comes with all sorts of secondary effects on the human body. One can only take so much for so long before it breaks them. 

For those who don’t understand; 

Imagine: you are at home on a friday night, with a really bad cold and instead of being allowed to relax you have to do household chores and deal with people you do not want to bother with while ill. 

Well, for those suffering from chronic pain, this is the exact feeling we get… except it lasts constantly and we have to find ways to manage with it. 

It is normal that everyone has their “dealing” moments. Some people get snippy and don’t want to talk. Others hide and don’t want to deal with anything.

And while these things are going on, it’s not like waking up in the morning and be like “Okay, I’m in a bad mood, let’s ignore everyone.” No, it’s more like when you’re in the middle of doing something the mood tends to show up and progress at every little thing irritates you. 

And for girls, it does get WORSE around your monthly. 

For me: I am one of these people, where my mood can get triggered out of the blue, and some weeks I can be fine with nothing wrong and other days I hit about 12 mood swings in a span of 30 mins. 

When I feel them coming on, I tend to isolate myself. I focus on controlling the pain. If I can, I will stay somewhere very quiet and not talk to anyone…instead I will read or write. If I can’t and I need to deal with people/do something I try to be quiet and not talk, worrying about whatever I say can affect the person/people I am with. 

What I have noticed about my lifestyle that may help others, is the way I build my daily schedule;

  1. Emergency things that need to get done, will be done first thing in the morning. (Those still in school, this should be your main priority, try to schedule classes in a way that works for you).
  2. Middle of your day- make sure you have a minimum of 2 hour break. (Your body NEEDS to recover from the morning and being chronically ill it takes more time).
  3. Attempt a minimum of 1 hour workout per day, even if it’s just a light walk. This isn’t a factor to lose weight, it’s a strengthening tool used to keep your body going. (It will be hard at first, but eventually you’ll be custom to it and can build).
  4. Afternoon schedule: keep the non important things for the a afternoon (but still prioritize which are more important then others)- get what you can done and cancel the rest of you’re day. Do NOT over push your body. 
  5. Saying NO is allowed. Don’t do something your body isn’t up for, and if you have too listen to your body. Also try to have the even mid-day or during evening. 
  6. Healthy eating habits… I’m not saying eat strictly salads and protein… Splurge on some junk food too. But minimum 5 small meals a day. Eat when you’re hungry and take the time to eat. Sitting at a red light while eating a sandwich is not as beneficial as sitting in your car, with the car off in a parking lot enjoying the same sandwich. 
  7. Water: I can’t stress enough. Always have a water bottle with you. You will be surprised how much you unconsciously drink. (Add cucumber or fruit for natural flavor).
  8. Sleep. 7-8 hours a night. If you fall asleep around 10 the deep sleep is usually around 2am… Which will have you feel refreshed. Those who sleep later usually don’t get the same recovery sleep as you should. 

Enjoy working with with these tips and building  an active lifestyle. 

Remember: saying no is okay! 

Mood swings while in pain or feeling unwell is normal. Try to warn others how you feel especially on bad days, just to give them an understanding. Those who really care will listen. 



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