Furthering Endometriosis Investigation: The finding of Adenomyosis

Not Pregnant. My stomach swelled to 60 inches….


Lots of health plans have been escalating over the past few weeks due to being told I should be getting surgery within upcoming months.

So I don’t exactly know where I last left off under the endometriosis section…but to give a background story incase it was missed…I had to see a Pelvic Specialist who did a past history on my health. At that point we realized there was not much that could be done because there is still no “CLEAR DIAGNOSIS” and until there is, we don’t have a proper path to follow.

As in:

-If it is Endometriosis causing the pain we will take one direction.

-If it is Endometriosis and something else causing the pain we will take another direction.

-If something else is causing the pain we have to take another direction..

……you get the point.

So after loads of searching, unanswered questions and millions of appointments being made I have finally been getting some answers.

While doctors still believe the Endometriosis is still there…They also believe the severe pain, prolonged bleeding and bloating goes under a different category. This category is Adenomyosis.

Adenomyosis, is basically a type of Endometriosis…but located in different areas than Endo.

According to studies; Adenomyosis is basically endometriosis located in the myometrium (Uterus muscle).

innovativegyn.com: Like endometriosis, the cells behave as they would normally act, and are affected each month with a woman’s period. The result of these menstrual cycles can be an enlarged uterus, pelvic pain and heavy bleeding.

However you can go through ultrasounds, MRIS, X-rays etc…but nothing will fully show results, it will just rule out anything else that will be seen. And apparently the only way to properly diagnosis Adenomyosis is through a hysterectomy.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best…

My next appointment is in a week from now. I will keep you posted on all updates. XX

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