2 nights in Emergency, severe weight loss & surgery news


This week has been a rough one.

I started school on Tuesday. However, I was extremely sick that day. When I woke up I was throwing up bile for over 30 minutes. That made the rest of my morning go late.

From there, I ended up missing my first class. I sat through my second class but suffered from nausea the entire time. My body started badly reacting that I ended up going home and missing my third class.

I tried going on the ice in the afternoon. My body didn’t respond and the day did not end well.

The following day in the morning I jumped on the ice with my first coach. My body failed and I was barely able to jump. The second lesson of the day it was just hurting to stand. Almost instantly I knew what was coming.

After breakfast I went to Montreal with my friend before coming back. The car ride was brutal. I was nauseous and kept drowsing off.

Then the pain started. I was curled over sleeping on a table at the rink. I viewed my schedule and decided to cancel the rest of the day.

My friend drove me to the hospital and I grabbed a number.

Almost instantly I was called into triage. They asked me several questions about my symptoms: Abdominal pain and nausea were the top 2.

They took my blood pressure which was a bit high, my pulse was low and my temperature was slightly above normal.

But because of the nausea and pain location- I was put as a priority 2.

My friend and I moved into the waiting room where we sat for maybe 45 minutes before they called me in to have blood work done.

They took several tubes of blood and then inserted a line to be able to add an IV later.

I was sent back into the emergency waiting room where I sat there for about another hour before they called me in.

They asked me my medical history and then after they added the rest of the iv to the needle that was left in my arm since the blood tests.

Right away when the liquid went in, the pain was bad. But I didn’t think anything of the pain because I thought it was normal.

My arm started swelling and the pain got worse.

IV gone wrong

I used the emergency button to call the nurse. They came in and had to remove the needle.

I went to the bathroom and when I got back to the room, there was a wheelchair waiting for me. It was time to head upstairs for an ultrasound.

They wheeled me upstairs and left me in the empty, freezing cold hallway until the ultrasound tech came in.

He wheeled me to the room and then I jumped up on he bed. He started with the abdomen and kidneys and midway through checked the uterus, ovaries, bladder.

There was nothing too abnormal in the pictures. A bunch of cysts on the ovaries… But that is deemed normal and not a probability of what can cause severe pain.

After I was wheeled back into the hallway. He went to go write up the reports and I had to wait for someone to wheel me back to emergency.

Ten minutes of waiting I left my bag and wheelchair in the hallway and went to use the bathroom. My bladder was hurting but it didn’t feel like I needed to pee but to be on the safe side I went. And my judgement was right.

I got back to the wheelchair and about 5 minutes later someone showed up. I was brought back to the emergency waiting room and sat there for maybe an hour before I was called in to the room.

They had to find another vein to put another IV in because I had to go to for a CT scan.

It took 5 tries before they finally found one that was able to hold the fluid.

I went to emergency CT and they put iodine in me and then it took maybe 5 minutes all together.

I walked back to the waiting room gave my name and then sat back down. By this time my friend was back from work and he brought me food to eat.

I ate while I waited… The doctor showed up around midnight and told me he saw nothing to be too concerned about but he had to check over a few things and would be back in 15 minutes. 30 minutes later he shows up with a urine container and told me it has to be done before I go home.

As well: I needed to be supervised for 24 hours. If my pain worsens, throwing up starts or fever starts, I need to come back right away.

I managed to get some sleep. Then I sat at the rink for a few hours while my friend coached.

In that time, the pain got worse. The first one that hit knocked me over. I could barely stand. The second one made me nauseous. I walked down to the bathroom and when the third pain hit I was throwing up non stop.

I made it back upstairs, grabbed my stuff and brought it to the dressing room. I went into another one where I proceeded to throw up 6 more times and I had a low grade-fever.

My friend realized and back to the hospital it was.

There were a lot more people in the emergency room.

I saw triage within half an hour of being there.

I had really low blood pressure. My pulse was at a 91 and I still had a mild fever.

I got out and it took about 2 hours before I got called to see the doctor.

She asked me more questions and then went to get an ultrasound machine. Basically that gave the same results as the day before.

She sent me back to the waiting room and right away I was called in.

They took some more blood work and then got an IV running. They put anti-nausea meds and morphine in.

One of the two made me extremely dizzy and tired and I slept in the waiting room for nearly 2 hours. When I woke up I was feeling better but it still took another 3 hours before I was called in.

When called in they said everything still looked normal. They were going to recheck some blood tests and then if all was good they’d take the iv out of me and allow me to go home.

I waited over an hour before a nurse came in and they just took the IV out and sent me home.

Now I’m on:

-48 hour symptom watch

-72 hour general watch

-Meds for infection (just in case it’s that)

-No skating/workouts until next week

(I’ve made deals and will try max 30 mins on Sunday)

-Change of school schedule

-No work for Saturday (today) but half day Sunday.


This past week I’ve lost about 10 pounds. Wasn’t allowed to eat both hospitalizations until the tests came out clear and by 2am when I was released I couldn’t eat much…

Doctors are worried about that and it’ll be monitored as well.


Friday, I meet with an endo specialist. And it’s confirmed. I will be getting my second laparoscopy surgery!

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