Endo came in like a wrecking ball


Endo-flare is attacking me again…Almost as if the theme is “I came in like a wrecking ball.” Okay, so you know the music I am listening to while writing this post. But still, it is legit.

This period week has been brutal.

It started with a week before my period was supposed to begin. I woke up towards the end of the week puking my guts out.  From there…I knew what was about to start. The pain was coming and I spent a bit of time in bed. And then I was cut from work on the Saturday really early and had a terrible skate later that day.

I went home and slept. The next day I felt as if I was getting sick but still managed to survive a 10 hour work day.

The following day it started….Period Day 1. on Halloween on top of that— (Now Nov 7th as I am writing this blog…I am on day 8 and counting).

Sunday evening November 6th were the worst Endo pains imaginable. I thought instantly my September would come back to haunt me. At a last minute resort I went to the rink and tried to skate off the pain which initially worked. Thankfully however…still being on day 8 I am very cautious of what is to come because in September I was hospitalized around the 10th on day 11 of my period.

Other symptoms I got this month included headaches overload. Moodiness was the WORST. I finished a bottle of hormone relievers in the first three and a half days and halfway through another bottle by now.

The breast pain was unbearable. I broke down several times because of it and no meds were helping me.

Currently still waiting on the surgeon. But I will be sending a message to his office this week to see if there are any updates.


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