Injury News!


Most of you DON’T know that the past few weeks I have been training on a double injury. However, I am still trying to last as long as I can before needing to take full time to recover. If all goes as I have planned (which everyone knows it wont) I will be taking time off only in May to heal and get better.

I have been suffering from two injuries. Both on the same side of my body and both that make figure skating almost impossible to do. The first one is a chronic hip injury. The rotator part of the hip on my right side. AKA my landing foot when I jump. On bad flares I completely  miss landing all my jumps and crash into the ice.

As well, it is really hard for me to spin as most of my weight is taken off the leg however it is the one that needs to control most of the positions. And for the longest time, all I was able to do was upright spins and even then it was completely off balanced.

I had one coach who noticed it before I did. And he suggested that I take time off. But right before a competition? Yeahhhhhh… I was not able to do that. But looking forward, I did not have much choice.

For two weeks leading up to the competition I missed about 9 hours of practice per week and was living in ice baths and with electro machines and pain killers.

Then during the last competition I nearly fell on one of my jumps…a jump that I had already downgraded because of the amount of pain I was in and the landing of that jump caused a twist in my ankle. Which now every time I jump it feels like I am landing on knife digging into it.

Two days after I had a hip therapy done that required crutches for 24 hours. I had them on me at all times but honestly needed them just to help stand for a while rest was fine.

Then it was back to the ice. I was jumping again that week but the landings were becoming more sensitive. To a point mid way through skates I had to start icing my ankle.

I then pulled out the physio tape and taped my ankle and now I don’t go on without the tape. It’s the only thing keeping me in one piece.

It will be fun this weekend as I am competing. So fingers crossed.

And yes, physio and tests still have to be done.

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