Unfitting Bras

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So…I have no idea what this is related too. If it is fibromyalgia symptoms going through the roof or if it is related to my period/hormones etc. But I am getting the worst breast pain in the history of breast pain.

I have had this pain before and I believe I have written it in my blogs at some point.

But this pain is something else. I have had it for a few weeks now. Probably since before New Years. And I only remember this because competing in January with it was the worst pain ever.

Today alone, I have taken about 2 advil and 2 midols to ease the pain and it was not helping. I resorted into not wearing a bra and not wearing any tight clothes on my chest. I was helplessly getting undressed in a public bathroom at the theatre and put it over my chest.

I can’t explain what the type of pain is… or especially where it is coming from (if I could say where it is coming from, I would fix it asap).


I have pressure in my ribcage below my breasts.

My upper body is killing me especially my back.

My breasts are doubled in size.

None of my bras fit when a few days ago they were just fine.

The nipple area feels like someone is constantly pinching it and twisting.

They hurt when anything remotely touches them.

Hot or Cold on them helps.

Medication does not help them.

I have no idea what this pain is but I am waiting until Monday to call my doctor. Usually I would have called when it first started but some pain is tolerable. Today’s pain = intolerable. And my main doctor is closed on Friday’s so Monday it’ll be.





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