Adrenal Fatigue Reload

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The past few weeks I have been over tired. I think it started before Christmas.

In December when I started a new job and my hours have been all over the place and I have not been able to keep up. Some days have been 1-2 hours of working. Other days I work 12-15. And coming from another restaurant that I barely worked to one I have 40 + hours a week…. It was one rough change.

Add that to having to Christmas plan all alone. Getting everyones Christmas presents from me and my family.

Coming back from Vegas with a Stolen Passport and having to endlessly travel and only end up back like two days after my return date at 4am.

Now I have school at Concordia and Carlton. One in Montreal and one in Ottawa so the 2.5 hour drives there and back also get to me.

Mix that with pain, doctors appointments, trainings etc., My life never slows down and I don’t take the time right now to take care of myself.

I noticed that last week when I had my first class in Carlton and I did not eat properly. I had breakfast on my drive in (8am) had a 2 hour training and then I went through my class at 6pm to 9pm…and I was so hungry I wanted to binge. I had no food and no water. So I stopped at Denny’s and I was wanting to order everything in sight.

And it is funny cause past few weeks my kidneys are starting to hurt all over again. And I am suffering from adrenal fatigue which has been in and out of my life for years… I have  insomnia mixed with over sleeping. Some days I sleep 0 hours and other days I go to bed at 8pm and wake up the next day at like 1pm. And I can sleep those hours straight without even waking up to pee.

But, now I know what I have to do before the Adrenal Fatigue fully comes back and before it gets more chronic than it is.

Main Symptoms/Helping

  1. Excessive Tiredness (Getting back onto sleeping pattern will be key for more than one week. Several weeks are needed. Cut down the unnecessary things out. Or even some of the necessary things. Do things for yourself and learn to have a good sleep/eat pattern).
  2. Salt Cravings (It is a balance. Most of the time there is salt. But there are imbalances that can go from sugar to salt. Try not to cave. When you cave it becomes like a spreading disease. More you intake the more you want. When you have a balanced meals and eating high protein eventually this craving will go away).
  3. Energetic Evenings. (Learn to sleep and relax and stay on schedule. If you need to take energy out use it on something productive. Writing or Reading. Tire out your brain).

There is so much more that goes on. You can follow here to read more on Adrenal Fatigue.

But remember take care of yourself. Especially if you have a chronic illness. They are all different, everyone is different but we go through so much stuff thats similar than we know.

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