Vision Health


As some of you may know, May is also Vision Health Awareness Month.

Now, I don’t know a lot about vision, therefor this post will be very short. But I do want to raise some awareness and I want to give you some insight on it.

Some of you may know I am supposed to wear glasses. I feel dorky wearing them, so I end up not. I know it is a bad thing.

It isn’t for near or far, it is actually to wear 24/7. The reason for this is because my eyes have a hard time focusing.

So this means when I am driving, I miss a lot of my exits due having blurry vision and to not being able to see the sign until it is too late.

Other times in class, I cannot focus on the board because basically my eyes get lazy and it starts to hurt my head to focus.

I have other issues with my vision that are not necessarily related to needing glasses. Issues I will eventually talk out about, but am not ready to do so.

I know there is a lot of other crazy issues about eyesight that can be talked about. In no way am I able to give any advice or talk more then I already have.

While I make a promise to you guys to start wearing my classes more often.

I want my viewers and followers to go and get an eye exam done if you haven’t in the past two years. You never know what can show up. I would rather be lucky know that I do not  have anything then find something that should have been diagnosed years prior.

When was your last eye exam?



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