Rant on Weight Loss – It does not change everything


So I am in the process of trying to prove to Medical Professionals and pretty much everyone out there that- weight-loss does NOT take away the pain completely and make someone who is Chronically Ill magically better.

In fact. I will start off saying it is case to case. Some people it might. But for the most part if you have arthritis or Fibromyalgia. It will not be the key to taking away all the pain.

Also. I am not saying losing weight and being healthy WILL not help at all. For me it helped a bit but it was not my biggest problem.

I have lost nearly 30 pounds. And while I feel better. I still have a lot of pain. But it is related to my spine injury from the car accident and then my knee injury which I am pretty sure has been injured forever, but we finally saw it on the MRI not long ago.

While it has helped my skating season. So has the rehab and strengthening.

I honestly get annoyed when everyone says that everything will be cleared when weight is lost. Like no it is not. It helps yes. But it does not take away when there are clearly things visible on the MRIS.

Like come on.

Does Anyone else hate when people who have no idea what you live through, try and give you life advice?

Rant over.


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