Rehabbing Injuries-


As everyone knows, I am rehabbing a Spine Injury and a Right Meniscal Knee Injury

So, while I have still been on the ice and training (maybe not entirely with doctors approval) I have been careful.

Over the past week or so. Since the last competition I have realized that I am losing a lot of muscle. More then I should have.


IMG_4047.jpgEven sitting and standing has been constantly hurting.

In order to skate half an ice, I am out of breath and my legs are trembling from the pain.

So 27/11/2019 I have filmed a bunch of on ice videos in order to examine what needs to be fixed and how it can be fixed.


IMG_4046.jpgSo the first videos I filmed were:

  • Outside Edges (with knee brace)
  • Inside Edges (with knee brace)
  • Cross-Rolls (Key movement for dance and freestyle)
  • Upright spin
  • Combo Spin
  • Thompson Spin
  • Flying Spin
  • Waltz Jump
  • Salchow Jump
  • Waltz-Toe Combination
  • Salchow-Toe Combination
  • Toe
  • Toe-Toe Combination

After I went and I did the stroking elements (first 3 on the list) without the knee brace to be able to show a comparison.

I gave the videos to the Therapist building my program.



Our goal is to;

  • Get higher jumps
  • Get higher spins.
  • Strengthening the Body
  • Getting Cardio Up
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Get better quality stroking

We still have not set up the off ice program. We are waiting to make the decision if I can do it without the gym or if I should register at the gym.

The program will take a few days to be set in place. But when it is, I will be able to share it with you guys.

It will go with 4 hours a week on the ice (for now) and a 4 hours a week off the ice (for now).

I am excited to see it and to be able to follow-up with the progress.






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